Oncowin cancer center


Facilities for quality cancer care with comfort in Ahmedabad

Oncowin cancer center strives to provide high standards and best experience in patient care. We at Oncowin cancer center understands that cancer treatment are prolonged and each moment in patient’s life is precious hence we aim to provide on-time patient care avoiding all the hustle they generally go through after entering any hospital premises. Our center of attention always revolves around delivering the best health with comfort and care.

Cancer Diagnostic

Cancer Diagnostic

Diagnosing cancer is not a one-shot process; it requires continuous investigation to reach up to a confirmed diagnosis. A biopsy is necessary to confirm the diagnosis of cancer, and imaging is used to know the spread of cancer, as both are crucial factors during cancer management. 

Cancer Pain Management

Cancer and pain are synonym words that hamper the body both physically and mentally. Cancer comes with constant pain which requires well-managed care. It includes medicines and relaxation therapies. 
At Oncowin, we advise the right pain management, which suits the patient for minimizing the pain.

In-house Pharmacy

Treatment success lies when you use medications which are procured, transported and stored appropriately. We have In-house Pharmacy, where drugs for Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy, and Supportive treatment are kept. A pharmaceutical team is always ready to serve the patients according to their needs.

Genetic Counselling and testing

10-15% of all cancers are hereditary. By knowing that a patient’s cancer is hereditary, the advantages are as follows-
1. Patients can know the probability of second malignancy in their entire life.
2. We can prevent cancer in an unaffected family member.
We help you and your family in making decisions about genetic testing, which aids in identifying the change in DNA that can brief you about future medical care.

Nutritional care in cancer

During the cancer Chemotherapy/
Radiotherapy treatment patient often faces many hurdles like altered taste, low hemoglobin, weakness, decreased appetite to keep his body healthy.
It is proven that cancer patients need more calories in their food with nutrition like proteins and vitamins than an average adult.
At Oncowin we have an in-house dietician team who take care of all the dietary parts for cancer patients.

Daycare facility

Daycare facility

Oncowin has both daycare and indoor facilities, with trained paramedical and nursing staff, who have adequate knowledge about the disease and Bio-medical waste (BMW) management. They know where and how to use, store and dispose of cancer medicines without affecting themselves or patient due to exposure of these chemicals. They can manage the unwanted side-effects of Chemotherapy at any given point of time.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is an important part of all treatment stages because it focuses on improving the quality of life rather than focusing solely on treatment. Palliative care provides early identification, assessment, and treatment of pain and other physical or psychosocial problems like depression. It also gives importance to the patient’s spiritual needs during difficult times.

Cancer Imaging

Cancer Imaging

Cancer imaging plays a vital part in diagnosis, staging and response of cancer treatment. It helps in early detection, USG, MMG, CT, MRI, PETCT, are some of the modalities of cancer imaging.

Molecular and Nuclear Imaging

Molecular diagnosis

Molecular testing is done on tumor where personalized treatment could be done which helps in prognosis and treatment of patient. Genetic testing is a part of molecular testing.