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Cancer in women: -

 Though cancer is a matter of concern for both genders, it is becoming a major health issue in Indian women. The female body goes through a lot, from periods, hormonal changes, pregnancy to menopause. Some cancers are more common in women because they occur in organs in the female body, such as the reproductive system. Clear your doubts from Ahmedabad’s best cancer specialists’ guide regarding cancer in women.

Many factors contribute to the vulnerability of the female body to cancer. According to the latest survey done by Ahmedabad’s best cancer specialists’ guide regarding cancer in women, the lifestyle we obey is the major cause of life-threatening diseases. Undoubtedly, cancer is one of them. Our daily habits play a massive role in developing any type of disease and prevention. Irregular eating habits, unhealthy diet, smoking or drinking, lack of movement, exposure to radiation, or a toxic environment can lead to the risk of cancer.

cancer in women

India has been developing rapidly, but we are paying the cost with our health, and women are in the front row. Our busy schedule restricts us from taking even the most minor steps towards a healthy life. And ignorance towards earlier signs also contributes to the declining health of women. Recognition of early symptoms is the first and foremost step toward cancer treatment or even prevention.

The female body has always been caught behind the walls, which is why women are not fully aware of their bodies, leading to the ignorance of prominent symptoms. With unrealistic beauty standards or societal pressure, women become more vulnerable to diseases without even knowing it.

Today, we will be discussing cancers that are becoming common in women with the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad, Oncowin Cancer Center.

Breast Cancer: -

Know everything about breast cancer when Ahmedabad’s best cancer specialists’ guide regarding cancer in women.

Breast cancer is becoming more common in women nowadays, and several factors contribute to these increasing numbers of breast cancer. Breast cancer mostly occurs in the milk-producing ducts. But it can occur in any part of the breast.

Learn about the symptoms of breast cancer from Ahmedabad’s best cancer specialist’s guide regarding cancer in women with Oncowin Cancer Center, the most trusted cancer hospital in Ahmedabad.

Symptoms: -

  1. Lump: – A lump or thickness which is different from the other tissues.
  2. Color: – Redness in a particular area
  3. Scaling or flaking: – Peeling off the skin of a particular area.
  4. Other changes: – Changes in the skin around the nipple, pain in the breast, etc.

Risk Factors: -

  1. Age: – Risk of breast cancer increases with age, as changes in the body are an integral part of aging. And cancer occurs due to gene mutation.
  2. Family History: – if you have a family history of breast cancer which means if your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, you have a higher chance of breast cancer. Still, the number of inherited cancer cases is more minor.
  3. Obesity: – Obesity brings several diseases with it, and breast cancer is no exception.
  4. Alcohol consumption: – Consuming excessive alcohol can increase your risk of breast cancer.
  5. Birth controls: – Cancer can also occur as a side effect of other diseases or health conditions or even of some medications such as birth controls.
  6. Not breastfeeding: – Studies have shown that women who breastfeed have a lesser risk of breast cancer.
  7. Uncomfortable clothing:- Unrealistic women’s clothing standards contribute to their declining health and bra on the front row. Wearing a tight bra throughout the day affects blood circulation and the nerves.
  8. Lack of movement: – Lack of movement is the root cause of several diseases, which can be life-threatening.

Prevention: -

Some simple steps can reduce the chances of breast cancer. These steps include maintaining a healthy diet, self-examination of your breasts, regular checkups, regular exercise.

Read what Oncowin Cancer Center, the most trusted cancer hospital in Ahmedabad, says about skin cancer.

Skin Cancer: -

Skin cancer is common in both men and women, but before the age of 50, the chances are higher in women. The risk increases with age. Several factors contribute to the risk of skin cancer. Generally, it occurs on the skin exposed to sunlight, but it can occur in areas not exposed to sunlight.

Symptoms: -

  1. Spots on the skin: – Brown spots on the skin that spread or change color.
  2. Lesions: – Lesions on fingertips, toes, nose that itches or burns.
  3. Moles: – Moles bigger than an eraser, partly different in color or moles getting bigger.
  4. Mucous membrane: – Mucous membrane lining in your mouth, nose, etc.

Risk Factors: -

  1. Radiation: – Some skin treatments include exposure to radiation which can increase the risk of skin cancer.
  2. Excessive sun exposure: – Spending a lot of time in the sun without protection can increase the risk of skin cancer. Tanning of the skin is the response to UV radiation.
  3. Fair skin: – Skin cancer can occur in people of every color, but fair-skinned people have less melanin, making their skin more vulnerable to damage caused by UV radiation.
  4. Weak immune system: – People with a weak immune system are more vulnerable to developing skin cancer.
  5. Exposure to other substances: – Certain substances such as arsenic increase the risk of skin cancer.
  6. Family history: – If your family member had been diagnosed with skin cancer, you have a higher risk of developing skin cancer.

Prevention: -

Protecting your skin is the most effective way of preventing skin cancer. Always apply sunscreen or wear full coverage clothes before stepping out. Avoid artificial tanning and engage yourself in regular self-examination.

Ovarian Cancer: -

The female body consists of two ovaries situated on both sides of the uterus.  They produce eggs hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Ovarian cancer is the abnormal cell growth of the ovaries, creating tumors that ultimately damage the healthy cells.

Symptoms: -

Ovarian cancer is not detectable at the early stages, and the symptoms of later stages are also applicable to other diseases. These are: –

  1. Bloating: – Abdominal bloating or swelling can be a symptom of ovarian cancer.
  2. Fullness: – Feeling full quickly while eating.
  3. Other: – Discomfort in the pelvic area, back pain, need to urinate frequently are potential symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Risk Factors: -

Learn about the risk factors with Oncowin Cancer Center, the most trusted cancer hospital in Ahmedabad.

  1. Age: – Just like breast and skin cancer, the chances of ovarian cancers increase with age.
  2. Obesity: – Obesity can also be the reason for ovarian cancer.
  3. Hormone placement therapy: – Hormone placement therapy is done to control menopause which increases the risk of ovarian cancer.
  4. Endometriosis: – Endometriosis is a condition in which similar tissues that line the inside of the uterus grow outside the uterus. It can increase the risk of ovarian cancer.
  5. Timing of menstruation: – Getting your periods earlier and delayed menopause or vice versa can cause ovarian cancer.
  6. Pregnancy: – Studies have shown that women who have never been pregnant have higher chances of developing ovarian cancer.

Prevention: -

There is no specific prevention for ovarian cancer, but there are some tips that you can follow.

  1. Birth control pills: – Birth control pills can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, but there are side effects as well. So, it is better to consult with your doctor.
  2. Check-ups: – Regular check-ups are the most effective way of preventing ovarian cancer.

Vaginal Cancer: -

The best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad, Oncowin Cancer Center, says vaginal cancer is rare. It becomes difficult to treat it if it spreads outside of your vagina.

Symptoms: -

Vaginal cancer might not cause any symptoms at the earlier stage, but later stages cause these symptoms-

  1. Vaginal bleeding: – Unusual bleeding such as bleeding while having sex or after menopause.
  2. A lump in your vagina: – You might feel a lump in your vagina, which is not normal.
  3. Painful Urination: – Experiencing pain while urinating.
  4. Pelvic Pain: – Pain in the pelvic area.

Risk Factors: -

  1. Aging: – Risk of vaginal cancer increases with age. Women who are above 60 have a higher risk of vaginal cancer.
  2. Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia: – In this condition, cells of the vagina appear abnormal, which can develop into vaginal cancer. Though in most cases, these cells are benign.
  3. Miscarriage prevention drug:- Women on miscarriage prevention drugs have a higher risk of vaginal cancer.

Prevention: -

Regular check-ups can help in the early detection of vaginal cancer. Consult with your doctor if you experience the above-mentioned symptoms.

Oncowin Cancer Center, the best cancer hospital in Ahmedabad, is here for any kind of cancer treatment. They provide advanced treatment for several cancers so that people can live a cancer-free, healthy life.

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